Sabtu, 25 Januari 2014

Always Trouble

             Try to make this year more happier than old years but I think I'm wrong ... I make trouble . Kenapa perlu jadi macam ni?? Aku tak maksudkan semua ni ... aku syang hampa semua . All of you my friends. I just hope I will silent or had no voice IF IT NOT HURT YOU .

Ahad, 19 Januari 2014

Tired and Happy

               My day start well ... like usually I go to school with friends ... but today bit special because there were many students here in my school ... I'm not too excited but still feel something ... then I help my teachers to sell food around school ... very tired because the school very crowd with a lot of new students and theirs parents. I t was good day for me because I'm not bored and happy can help my teachers sold foods with my friends

Sabtu, 18 Januari 2014


                       I dont know what to say... but it always about a word that come from deep of my heart. I'm not lying. I want him but at the same time I'm really not sure that I really want him. I feel upset when he not reply my word. Do I did wrong? I just hope he can answer back but he left me with hopeless. It really hurt me. In my entire life I just want him in my side to share our love and joy together. I know the reality one is NO.

Selasa, 14 Januari 2014

Sungguh Aku Bingung

              Apa sebenarnya rasa hati ni?? Sunnguh aku tak pasti... aku sayang dia atau dak?? Apa yang aku rasa pada Is?? Why it really confusing?? I need answer but I'm too shy to ask about this feel

Jumaat, 10 Januari 2014


                            Wah..bosannya dok asrama...seriuosly I'm not lying. Who cares? I care lar..One of my friend said I change a lot...that myself..I hv negative habit..wah..takutnya

Khamis, 9 Januari 2014


                      What's that?? Let me tell you..hahaha...yang tu jenama phone yang aku pakai. Hasil buatan Melayu dan Cina Malaysia(Rasa-rasanya). Sebenarnya tu phone lama ayah aku. Dah ayah aku beli phone jenama yang sama but the latest. So I'm the lucky to got this old phone. Lucky right. Yes I am. Seronok pakai phone tu. Tapi wayar charge pendek(Mungkin old version). Anyway I enjoy to use it although the battery always low(maybe my battery damages).

Rabu, 8 Januari 2014

What now??

     I'm KV student now... macam tak percaya dah aku ni berumur 17(at 2014). Feel lucky? Unfortunately no... hidup ni semakin lama semakin mencabar. I already realised what my father and mother think. But I hope I ready for this moment. In Culinary Art course. It really not in my mind but choice. Perhaps it help me to be a mature person?? Yes, it really help me to build cofident on myself